The Gallery Restaurant

The Gallery Restaurant at Island Lux Beach Park is a fine dining and rich art experience, where it’s all about the atmosphere. A devoted marriage between art on canvas and artistically arranged, delicious foods set in luxurious, beachfront elegance.

The Gallery Restaurant features outstanding up-and-coming Jamaican artists coupled with exquisitely prepared and artistically arranged dishes that tantalize the senses. Together, food and art are a symphony of harmonies scent and colors, with textures that simultaneously challenge and soothe leaving you both satisfied and longing for more. Our fine dining and art infusion experience will totally satisfy your every sense and stimulate harmony between your soul and belly. Eating at The Gallery Restaurant is like attending a dinner party at the home of 3 star Michelin chef! The art provides a feast to your eyes, while the food provides a treat to your taste buds. We believe in using food as a channel to allow guests to feel the message of art, and the culture of the Jamaican people.

It will be our pleasure to serve you. Join us!