Pimentoz Jerk

A true compliment and companion to the rich, passionate history of the Jamaican people; and our world renowned Reggae music, is our ‘jerk’ method of cooking.

At Pimentoz, the aroma of perfectly season chicken, pork, beef and sausages being slowly infused with the flavors of our local woods is mouth-wateringly amazing! Pimentoz also features our national Jerk accompaniments; Festival and Sweet Potato Salad, along with other yummy side dishes. You are sure to experience a festival of flavors and a sense of fulfillment when you join us for a meal at Pimentoz Jerk.

The secret? A perfect mix of herbs and spices, combined with fiery hot scotch bonnet peppers (tamed to your taste) tantalizing your palette into submission. Dine in cozy thatch-covered, rustic surroundings over a wide expanse of world class beachfront, to the soothing sounds of the sea rushing to shore. So when next you feel the vibe to experience Jamaica’s ‘real’ side, join us at Pimentoz Jerk, – an experience well worth the trip!