Little Negril Seafood

God put the fish in the sea to feed mankind – He blessed the land with the spices and vegetables to ‘nice it up’ and whispered the secrets of creating truly magical dishes… God also gave us 7 miles of pristine, white sand beaches in Negril, Jamaica, the city of casual of which we are privileged to host our slice of seafood Heaven; Little Negril.

Dine in cozy thatch-covered, rustic surroundings over a wide expanse of world class beachfront, to the soothing sounds of the sea rushing to shore.

So when next you feel the vibe to experience Jamaica’s ‘Real’ side, join us at Little Negril – an experience well worth the trip!

At Little Negril, food is more than what we do – it’s who we are! We look forward to sharing with you and as we say in Jamaica, ‘Make haste and come’ (often pronounced ‘mikkase’) – We are waiting for you.