At a time when persons are finding it hard to consume healthy alternate food options, Juice=Yes brings to the market traditional, healthy Jamaican natural juices. We started by sourcing the highest quality organic ingredients on the market, marrying them and tweaking the recipe until it put smiles on our faces.

We took care to identify the perfect combination of ingredients, in order to give you an uncompromised product, in a package that is as beautiful as the drink and the culture of the people it represents. Or first offerings are available to you at our exquisitely positioned juice bar, nestled amongst the mangroves on the pristine 7 mile beach in beautiful Negril, Jamaica. Our widely popular Jamaican natural juices are made fresh every day, with seasonal sun ripened fruits and organic, absolutely delicious ingredients.

Jamaica’s rich history not only provides the ideal location for our juices to call home, it also provides us with a widely diverse population to validate the authenticity of our products. So, you can enjoy your Juice=Yes beverages with the assurance that you are getting the highest quality authentic Jamaican juices anywhere.

Our obsessive attention to details, guarantee that every combination we offer, is as good for you as we intend it to be. Enjoy! As Juice=Yes.