Ital Island Restaurant

island luxItal Island Restaurant, overlooking the Caribbean Sea is the number one Ital Restaurant in Jamaica. Our iconic status comes from our location and the promotion of the Rastafarian culture, food and levity of life – all in one spectacular setting. Rastafarian dishes are wholesome and when consumed it nourishes your body and soul.

Ital food is derived from the word “vital food” and only natural, ingredients are used for cooking. For a Rastafarian eating pure food from the earth is a sacred duty and the food is consumed without salt or other preservatives.

We at Island Lux Beach Park celebrate the importance of this distinct cuisine that is one with nature and medicine for your body and is part of our culture.

Our cooked stews, vegetable curry rundown and other dishes are prepared daily in special iron pots and deliciously presented in calabash bowls.

So if you need to relax, rebuild and replenish your temple with some good “wholesome” food, we await your visit at Ital Island Restaurant.