Honest Herbs

honest herbHonest Herbs conceptualizes all that is holistic, natural, and powerfully trusted in Jamaican herbs and spices. Our herbs are deeply rooted and steeped in African and historic Jamaican cures and remedies for a plethora of maladies.

The story of our Jamaican herbs and spices will be enchantingly shared with you by our Jamaican Rastafarian connoisseurs who have honed and perfected the craft of extracting the goodness and medicinal properties for decades. Join us , sit and learn of the history and uses of natural herbs and spices such as Strong Back Jamaican Herb (Desmodium Incanum) quite commonly used to make tea for back pains. Jamaican Guaco, a local variant of the Mikania class of plants, a favorite for adding to the water when taking a bath, or Medina Jamaican Herb (aphrodisiac), a sexual stimulant.

Organically grown and sustainable harvested, all our natural products are available for immediate use on site or pleasurably packaged as gifts.