Dream Weekend ‘MAWNING AFTER’ breakfast Party Held at Island Lux beach

It was a super hot Independence Day at Island lux Beach Park as one of the most anticipated time of the year for party lover home and aboard wrapped up, The 5 days of Partying dubbed the “Dream Weekend” introduced for their 10th anniversary a brand new event in their line up called “MAWNIN AFTER” which was held at Island Lux Beach Park. The Beach Park was quickly filled with party patrons on the Morning of August 6, 2018 as they came out in true Jamaican fashion and styled to the theme “Go Yellow”.

Dream Weekend's Mawnin After at Islandlux Beach Park

As the morning went on and the temperature rose some patrons weren’t shy about taking to the water to cool down all while still dancing and to hits after hits songs that were unreeled by the DJs. Among the morning line up of DJs was the man himself Delano from Top Sound System RENAISSANCE SOUND  and DJ Jigga the take over king who got the crowd real “flairy” with thier song selections.

Dj Delano

The Breakfast party was a huge it and Island Lux Beach Park is definitely looking forward to being a part of the 2019 line up of host for this incredible weekend of parties and celebration of the Jamaican Culture.