*Devon House Ice Cream*

Beach House Sweet Eats

BeachHouseSwtFor generations, a favorite and time honored pastime for families around the world has been enjoying ice cream together, particularly on Sundays.

Devon House Ice Creams, cakes, and other traditional treats such as ‘Totos’ and ‘Gizzardas’, are uniquely Jamaican blends of fruits, spices and yummy ingredients grown and harvested by the people of Jamaica. Theses delicacies can be found onsite at our Beach House Sweet Eats shop, located beside our Pickney Village (children playground), catering to the young and young at heart.

The brand owes its name from the historic Devon House, located in St. Andrew, Jamaica. Built in 1881, Devon House was the residence of George Stiebel, Jamaica’s first colored (Mixed race) millionaire, in St. Andrew, Jamaica. The majestic and historic building has housed Jamaica’s finely crafted and world famous artisan ice cream for decades. It is our pleasure to serve you!