7 Reasons to go to the Beach + Bonus!

7 reason to go to the beach

If you really think about it do you actually need a reason? I mean, it’s the BEACH! There really are no special reasons to go to one of the most tranquil and relaxing places on earth, wherever it is located. Whether it is the crashing of the waves on to the shoreline, the feeling of the sand between your toes, or just finding a spot to drift off into lala land; the beach has something to offer everyone.

There are actual studies that show that the beach does improve physical and mental health. However, in case you do need specific reasons to go, here are 10!

1 – A Breathe of Fresh Air. It is one of the purest escapes we can experience as humans. Getting out of our usual space physically and mentally; and into the open space of the the beach helps to clear our mental clutter and free our mind from the daily happenings of life.

2 – Exercise. Yes! The beach can be a great substitute for the very packed gym. Not only can you go swimming but jogging, long walks, running in the water and so much more. The added restraints of the sand makes it an even better workout, even if its just walking back and forth.

3 – Personal Time. In today’s ‘Busy’ society we often fail to find the time to tend to ourselves and our personal growth. Going to the beach can help us to slow down a bit and reflect on ourselves and decompress.

4 – Much Needed Sun – Just being in the warmth of the sun can make you feel loads better especially if you are feeling down or experiencing low energy. Let’s not forget the obvious need for the Vital Vitamin D that the sun provides!

5 – Family Time – You won’t find many kids who doesn’t love the beach; so taking time with your family to bond on the beach is definitely a positive. Kids get to burn that excess energy and adults get to relax and unwind.

6 – Great Skin Care – The Beach offers you some wonderful natural benefits that you don’t need to spend any extra cash for. Seawater helps to preserve the elasticity in your skin while the sand is great for exfoliating the skin and removing dead skin cells. How about that!

7 – Connect, To Humans! – There is no wifi out in the water (at least not yet) and so going for a swim provides an opportunity for you go out and have real interactions and connect directly with people.

Here are three other reason to Make Island Lux Beach Park the beach of choice. (The Bonuses)

8 – We have something for every member of the family. Whatever your cravings may be, from seafood, jerk dishes, sweet treats, Ital(Vegan) dishes and so much more.

9 – Watersport. A wet, exhilarating and thrilling experience is waiting for your at Island Lux. You can plan an entire day of fun activities with our big open spaces and numerous water crafts for different activities such as, Kayaking, Snorkeling, fishing, boat rides, water skiing, parasailing and much more.

10 – All are welcome! Island Lux Beach Park is Jamaica’s #1 Beach Park build for both resident Jamaicans and International visitors looking to enjoy their trip to the Caribbean. If you want an Authentic Jamaican experience ranging from the food, the music and people then Island Lux Beach Park is the place to be.

No matter where in the world you are, a beach day is highly recommended. Be it to slow things down or a full on reset. If you are in fact visiting Jamaica, we Invite you to visit us at Island Lux Beach Park in Negril for a truly amazing experience.

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